Channel Letter Signs Ceres Ca


Channel letter signs present a very professional image that will advertise your business day and night. That is why many building and shopping center owners insist on channel letter signs for their developments. These signs can be produced in almost any font, color, or size. Below are some of the different styles of channel letter signs. Contact us today for your free estimate!



channel letter signs

Channel Letter Signs

One of the most popular and effective types of signs are channel letters. They are individual letters, logos, and graphics that often appear on storefronts and on building to provide identification. Among the most popular signage choices, channel letter signs come in a number of styles to suit your taste and your budget.

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reverse lit channel letter signs

Reverse Lit Channel Letter Signs


These letters are sometimes called “halo lit” letters and they provide a distinctive and memorable approach for your location.  We use only the highest quality materials along with field-proven components when producing your sign.

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front and back lit channel letters

Front & Back Lit Channel Letter Signs


This is a excellent choice for a striking and eye-catching signage presence. As the name implies, these letters emit illumination both from the letter front (face) and back side of sign.

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channel letter sign on raceway

Channel Letters On Raceway

Raceways are  boxes that run the length of a sign, behind the channel letters. This box contains all of the electrical components powering the sign, so that the raceway can be fastened to the outside of the building, and only one power hole needs to be drilled through the wall. The race-ways are painted to closely match the wall color.

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